Uplift Your Devices' Cosmetic With Wireless Max’s Guaranteed Value Added Polishing Service

Experience Professional Polishing for a Flawless Finish

Why chose Wireless Max for polishing?

With multiple years of experience, Wireless Max has polished over 200,000 devices for major wholesalers in the USA. With this wealth of experience, and establishing a Unique and improved polishing process, Wireless Max leads the industry in polishing due to:





Wireless Max's professional polishing services rejuvenate your device, expertly removing scratches and blemishes to restore its original shine and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your smartphone looks as good as new.


Trust Wireless Max's skilled technicians for comprehensive repair services, addressing issues from cracked screens to internal malfunctions, with a commitment to restoring your device's full functionality and extending its lifespan.

Front Glass

Our front glass replacement service ensures a crystal-clear display for your smartphone, using high-quality materials and precise installation techniques to seamlessly replace damaged or shattered glass, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics

Shadow Removal

Wireless Max excels in shadow removal, employing advanced techniques to eliminate unwanted shadows on your device's display, ensuring optimal visibility and a flawless user experience for an improved and immersive interaction with your smartphone.

Micro Soldering

Experience precision with Wireless Max's micro soldering services, where skilled technicians delicately repair intricate components on your device's circuit board. This specialized service ensures the meticulous restoration of functionality for even the most intricate electronic issues.

Bulk Phone Testing

Optimize your device management with Wireless Max's bulk phone testing services. Our systematic and thorough testing procedures guarantee the quality and functionality of phones in large quantities, providing assurance and reliability for businesses and distributors alike.


Sachi Bhatt

They are very helpful and very reliable. They did a great job with changing my iPhone 7 Plus screen. I would highly recommend this place. They matched the groupon prices. The staff is very thoughtful and made sure we were comfortable while we were waiting for the work to be done.

Lizette Pena

Great service! Attended me fast! Told me to wait 30 minutes but they gave me my phone in 15! Isabel was very nice and friendly and she made me feel very welcomed!

Hamda Moosa

This place has helped me out so much! I was so confused no wherher my screen was broken or my LCD and now i finally understand! It was a quick repair only had to wait about 10-15 minutes. Also, very great customer service. Faraz was very nice and funny.


They are very nice and great customer service! Although i have the iPhone 6s Plus it was out of my budget ! They gave me $ 10 off very awesome and fast and will be back if something is wrong with my phone again.

Ricardo Callejas

Amazing customer service!! I was told 30 mins that my phone was going to be ready. Left and came back exactly 30 mins and everything was perfect!!! Even while writing this review I’m super impressed with my new screen!!

Crystal Galindo

Nice place nice people. I had went to everystore in the area looking for an iPad case and they had it cheap and assembled it for me as well as the screen protector. Check them out. Hamda is very helpful and knowledgeable.


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